010 Air Law
020 Airframe, System and Powerplant
021 Instrumentation
031 Mass And Balance
032 Performances
033 Flight Planning
040 Human Performance And Limitations
050 Meteorology
061 General Navigation
062 Radio Navigation
070 Operational Procedures
080 Principles Of Flight

091 VFR Communications
092 IFR Communications

Flight Planning and Monitoring

Navigation Flight Plan
ATC Flight Plan
IFR charts glossary
IFR charts examples

General and Radio Navigation

VOR exercices
ADF exercices

General knowledge and books

ABC of Air Traffic Control
Airman knowledge
Rotorcraft Flying Hanbook
Aviation Instructor's Handbook
Instrument Flying Handbook
Instrument Procedures Handbook
Student Pilot Guide
Professional Pilot Guide
PPL(A) Flight Training
V-speed designator
7000 Aviation Abbreviations
Aircraft Country Codes
NTPS entry exam (mechanics and mathematics reviews)
Plane Sense - General Aviation Information
Optimum Use of Weather Radar
Instructor's Manual (CASA - Issue 1)
Instructor's Manual (CASA - Issue 2)
Instructor's Guide
Night Vision Goggles in Civil Helicopters Aviation (CASA)
Night Vision Goggles - Helicopters / CAAP 174-1(1)
Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook
Helicopter Flying Handbook

Human Performance and Limitations

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance
Spacial Disorientation
Safety Considerations (methods to improve Helicopter Pilots capabilities)