CAP - Civil Aviation Publication

CAP 413 - Radiotelephony Manual
CAP 426 - Helicopters External Load Operations
CAP 437 - Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas
CAP 637 - Visual Aids Handbook
CAP 649 - Standard Operations Manual Helicopter
CAP 696 - Mass And Balance Manual
CAP 697 - Flight Planning
CAP 698 - Performances
CAP 719 - Fundamentals Human Factors Concepts
CAP 763 - Aviation Safety Review

JAA Publications

JAR FCL 2 (Amendment 6)
List of Helicopters (updated August 2011)
JAR FCL 3 (Amendment 5)

JAR OPS 3 (Amendment 5)


Introduction to the system
Receivers - Application note

Jeppesen Publications

IFR charts glossary
IFR charts examples
Emergency Procedures

AOPA Safety Advisor

Single Pilot IFR
Aircraft Icing
Fuel Awareness
Spatial Disorientation
Aircraft Deicing and Anti-icing Equipment
Mountain Flying
Decision Making for Pilots
Thunderstorms and ATC
Emergency Procedures

General documents

Aircraft Country Codes
V-speed designator
7000 Aviation Abbreviations
ICAO doc 8168
Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook