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The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew (Flight Safety)

L'ampiezza degli spazi aerei, la libertà di non seguire un percorso stabilito da una strada; e i tuffi in picchiata nel vuoto con le ali dispiegate a reggere il peso, le accelerazioni gravitazionali nelle virate, la terza dimensione...
In me, tutto tende all'Aria. Finché i miei piedi toccano terra fremo dal desiderio di librarmi.
E' come una febbre. Perché volare è uno sguardo alternativo sulla realtà che schiude la fantasia... (A D'Arrigo)

The amplitude of the air space, the Freedom not to follow a path established by a road and diving into the void with the wings deployed to support the weight, the gravitational acceleration in turns, the Third Dimension...
In my opinion, everything tends to Air. As long as my feet touch the ground tremble with the desire to fly.
It's like a fever. Why flying is an alternative look to the reality that opens up the imagination... (
A. D'Arrigo)

The purpose of this web site is to share pictures and videos of my flight experiences with anyone passionate interested...
The maps shown below indicate the areas above which I have flown.
My dream is to completely colour in all maps in order to someday say that I flew all over the world in a helicopter!

Where I have flown